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Us and Mackie

When we first met, my husband, Clint, was always asking questions about travel, e.i., did I enjoy traveling, did I like the water/ocean, did I like boating, would I like to go from island to island on a boat.  I guess I should I known boating would be in our future with all those questions.  Maybe at that point in my life, since I was still working, the thought of having a boat and sailing the “world” sounded way too much like a fairy tale.

But, that is how this dream of ours came to be; first a lot of talk, which turned into a lot of casual boat looking and, then, the day came when we found a boat that we could afford and loved and the dream became reality.

Clint was retired when we met.  After we married I “retired” too, when I moved out to his farm in Lynchburg, TN, too far from where I worked in Nashville.  In the beginning, we had cows, horses, chickens, lots of dogs, barn cats, the works.  But, as we got deeper into our dream of traveling more, we realized the animals on the farm were going to have to go.  So, little by little we have lessened our farm work.

Clint is the A-type at our house.  He does all the hard chores and makes our farm look like a golf course.  Me, I garden, I paint, I create stained glass pieces. Visit my art blog at http://dotcom323.wordpress.com.  He’s the one who has made our dream truly a reality with all his hardwork over the years.  I am the blessed one, I get to go along for the ride and keep him company.

We are very anxious to truly earn the title of boaters, with the hopes of one day doing the American Great Loop (see AGLA for lots of interested info). We also toy with the idea of being liveaboards if we have the chance to upgrade on our boat some day.  This spring and summer we will be traveling the Tennessee River to the fullest.  We should know just about every nook and cranny by fall (I hope).

One of the best parts of boating, next to waking up and going topside to see the haze lifting off the water and the sounds of nature at their finest, is the wonderful people you meet when you are boating.  We have been amazed at the friendliness and openness we have found everywhere.  Boaters love their Happy Hours and the chance to sit and visit with fellow boaters, sharing tales of sea and river, and having a good laugh or two.

5 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Wonderfully written Leigh. Sounds like nothing short of a dream life. I am so happy for you. Clint sounds like a true soul mate and your marriage a gift from God. Not many of us have been offered such a gift or if we have we failed to take hold of it. You guys have a great time and keep the stories coming.

    An old friend

    • Zola,

      For sure, I have been blessed with Clint. He was “a long time coming though.” LOL (worth the wait though)

      It is so good to be back in touch with you. I don’t know if you remember, but you, Melba and I were all sitting together one night at a revival at church. It was the night I went down and rededicated my life to Christ, October 16, 1967. I still remember what I was wearing, funny the things we remember.

      I also remember us playing in several creeks, always loved exploring creeks. And, I remember your portrait of George Harrison, do you remember that?

      Old friends, special memories.


  2. What wonderful fun! We are so proud for you and glad you are having the time of your lives. We’ll be keeping up with you on your blog & e-mail. Love your writing. (I kept an “old fashioned” diary on our trip…love to go back now an read it to remember.) Look forward to seeing you guys whenever you “dock” at Lynchburg! Love ya!

  3. Leigh, you and Clint have a wonderful life. I enjoyed your writing so much – certainly brought back many memories of the Tennessee River for me. By the way, Clint, I am from the Eastern Shore of Maryland (Chesapeake Bay Country) . My town is surrounded by water and everyone has a boat before they have a car. Crab Balls are one the main appetizers at any party one might attend. I shall keep up with your travels.

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