Time Goes By

So much has changed since my last post. I have let down my faithful followers. I dare not promise to be better at posting out of the fear that I’ll fail (but, my heart says I’m going to give it a go and hope).

So, let’s hit the keyboard and see what I can come up with to entertain the masses.

First, let’s figuratively open up Barefootin’ for a breath of fresh air and you can see how she looks in 2016. Scarlett welcomes you as you arrive and climb down the stairs into the living area. The master stateroom (whoop, whoop) and bath are aft, the quest cabin (blue bedspread) and bath are forward.

That’s all well and good, but we all know that a boat is all about being outside, enjoying all the beauty and peacefulness the water has to offer. So let’s head back up and outside.

This is what a new boater would call the backporch…and, don’t tell Clint (or Jim), but I can’t remember the boating term myself…it’s not imperative to know these things to enjoy a boat. : )                      …and, hold that tummy in Leigh!

A few steps up and forward and we arrive in the helm  –  I couldn’t stand it, snuck off and looked up the term for the backporch, “cockpit” – okay, where was I? Right, we’re up here in Clint’s favorite spot.

My man loves his river trips, loves everyone hovering around…and, he doesn’t object to that feeling of being in charge either. : )

I’ll give you more updates on the next post…I was thinking how boring this post must be until I remembered what’s all over television, surely this is a nice break from listening to the ridiculous political rhetoric. Eeeeeck!

The sun’s gone down, tomorrow we head for Barefootin’ and a game of golf if weather permits. It’ll be fun to catch up with everyone on the dock. There will probably be a game, or many, of Mexican Train or Bananagrams. I’m talking high competition here. Plus lots of laughter sent out over the silent water as the sun falls below the distant hills. And lastly, after neighborly goodnights, climbing into our cozy bed and being lulled to sleep by the sounds of nature.

Sweet dreams!


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1 thought on “Time Goes By

  1. Great blog, Leigh! And, thanks for the tour of the boat. It is beautiful! I definitely agree with you that my dad won’t hesitate to be “in charge!” I think it runs in the Butler genes. Lol-

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