Can I Just Say “Farm For Sale!”

know, I know, I’m suppose to be talking “travel, sunshine, fun, hiking, friends, picnics, and so on.”  Well, I’m sticking with the topic but in a different setting.  I promise it’s just this once, but can you picture yourself living on an amazing farm with green rolling hills, grandkids wading in the creek searching for crawfish and salamanders?  A picnic in the sunshine up on top of the ridge where you can see forever and forever?  Saddling up one of the horses for a morning ride before friends arrive for a swim in the pool with drinks and dinner as you laugh and talk on the huge porch overlooking the fields?  Watching the fireflies rise as dusk settles in and as you tire, opening the french doors to let in the fresh spring air as you crawl into bed?

All this because we have a 100 acre farm that is absolutely amazing, but life has taken on a new direction for us and this beautiful place is waiting to bless a new family with all it holds.

I’m spilling all this because I know there is someone out there who is looking for our farm, their next home.  If YOU happen to know that person/persons, now you can tell them that they can contact us right here.  (Now how easy is that???)

I promise to be back on target with my next post, and thank you for letting me get this out of my system.  What would I do without you?



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