Rain, Rain, Go Away

We all rise early (us, our dogs, Sue, Jim and Shadow, their cat), in preparation for our first day on the water.  Everything has been planned, probably too much planning for this old girl who loves “wingin’ it.”  But, I’m happy and all is well, no complaints when we’re about to take off on Barefootin’.

We all had dinner last night on Imagine, Roger had grilled hamburgers and Laura had made all the fixins’.  Roger’s son, Andrew, was there with his daughter, Melody, and by the end of the evening it had been decided that Andrew and Melody would set sail with Fruition in the morning.  Laura and Roger would drive and meet us all for dinner at The Docks (a great place to eat) in Scottsboro, AL, at Goose Pond Colony.

Around 8am, Clint and I went over to untie Fruition‘s lines and watch Fruition move out of their slip and begin our trip.  With both of our trips together, it is almost unspoken now, that we (Barefootin’ crew) piddle a bit and take off after Fruition.   They are a trawler, or as Clint teases, a “crawler,” so we always leave late, but still beat them to our destination.  We are there to untie them from the port we are leaving and there to greet them at the next port when they arrive.  (Clint says we are spoiling them)

With our duties done, we head back to Barefootin’, and piddle (as we are suppose to do), chat with some of our marina friends, walk the dogs one more time, wash the breakfast dishes and we’re ready to go.  We had gassed up and pumped out late yesterday, so we were ready to join Fruition out on the river.

Friends wave us off and we head downstream towards Nickajack Dam.  It is no time before we see our “sister ship” and we move on up to join them.

We arrive at the dam soon after, call the lockmaster, and request a lockthrough.  He is ready for us in 10 minutes, so both Jim and I go out to let down fenders and prepare our lines.

It is a very, very easy lockthrough.  We tie up across from Fruition.  I never even use my boat hook to push away from the wall once.  That’s a first.  Instead, I busy myself, using the boat hook, to break up the spider webs on the bollard, and play with bunches of May flies trying to free the few still alive from the webs, a rather intricate job to say the least, and I am sure one that all boaters would prefer me to not do.  But, hey, I am who I am.  I can’t just sit here bored, looking at all those thousand (and that’s NO exaggeration) of May flies without trying to help a few.  (they only live for 24 hours, so why shorten that small life cycle if I can assist their freedom in any way??)

Soon the dam doors are opening, the horn blows and we’re moving ahead.  Clint calls and let’s Fruition know that we’ll see them at Goose Pond, “call us if you need us.”  And, we’re off and heading down the Tennessee.

The river has become a familiar area for us by now, still beautiful, full of wildlife and changing landscapes.  Lots of bridges, of such varying styles, to pass under between here and Goose Pond.  It is not long before we see storm clouds brewing as we approach our second bridge of this leg, time to batten down the hatches.

In no time, it’s upon us, just a summer shower and not a lot of wind, so wet yes, but none the worse for it.  We watch the GPS and move onward.

Jim and Sue are far enough behind us that they miss this small storm.  We had all checked the weather and discussed it before leaving port earlier (a must when you’re boating).  We open the helm and cockpit canvases again and continue downstream.  Both the dogs have slept through the rain.

We enjoy the ride, chat about the homes, scenery and wildlife along the river and before long, we have the Goose Pond Colony channel in sight.  It’s a shallower channel, one you want to follow precisely.  The water lilies are blooming, making a welcome carpet for us as we glide towards the marina.

Goose Pond Marina and Golf Course

We arrive, the friendly, helpful guy, Jason I believe, comes out to greet us and tie us off while we refuel.  Then we move over and tie up at our home for the night, our slip.

Always our first event after we get secured into our slip upon arrival is to walk the dogs.  They have been to Goose Pond lots of times now and feel right at home, know there favorite little spots to explore.  I seriously think we could unleash them and they’d make their way off the docks, relieve themselves, and head right back to the boat.  They always know which boat is theirs which I find rather cute.  : )

Clint and I get settled in, and to the west we noticed a large black cloud is forming a substantial mass.  This is one that we aren’t going to skirt around, nor is Fruition, who is still making their way down the river.  We give them a call on the VHS to let them know what’s heading our way.

Sure enough the storm hits Fruition while they are on the river.  They had no ill effects from it with the exception of Melody, Roger and Laura’s granddaugter (6), who is aboard and rather freightened by the orders to close this, open that, can you see starboard, port, etc.  Andrew, her father, reassures her that they are staying afloat and all is well.  The trip down the river on Fruition is, no doubt, a trip that she will remember with fondness throughout her lifetime.  What a kind gesture by Sue and Jim, to invite Andrew and Melody along for a fun day traveling downstream on a 47′ trawler!

Fruition arrives, it’s still raining.  Clint is there, umbrella at work, to help tie them up at the fuel dock.  Once fueled, Fruition, with Sue again at the helm, heads over to tie up at our dock for the night.  It’s not long afterwards, that the rain dissipates, and we are all able to chat out on the dock.  Laura and Roger arrive by car (remember their boat, Imagine, was unable to make this trip…next time!).  We all walk over to The Docks restaurant for an absolutely delicious meal.  Several of us had shrimp and grits (Falls Creek grits, by the way), some crab legs, pork medallion and a chicken alfredo…Melody had chicken fingers, you might have guessed, huh?  : )   The laughter was plentiful, the talk enjoyable and the food complemented the evening perfectly.

Goodbyes and hugs were done afterwards, Laura, Roger and their crew headed back to Chattanooga.  We and the Kuemmels head to Barefootin’ to discuss tomorrow continued journey and the weather outlook.  The forecast is more rain.  With our goodnights, we settle into bed in our separate boats.  Our last thoughts before we drift off to sleep…

Rain, rain, go away!

7 thoughts on “Rain, Rain, Go Away

  1. Can Gary and I stow away? We take up a little more space than “the girls” but we can go on diets. This is dangerous living vicariously through your blogs – my brain is now working on how we can pitch it all in and hit the waterways!!!!

    • We do have to get you two on Barefootin’. And, we’ve got to play golf at Goose Pond! We will get that weekend on the calendar soon. Golf this week?


  2. Leigh and Clint,
    Just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed your last blog traveling to Goose Pond. Have not been out of the marina much in the last year, but have felt like I was traveling back down river via your lovely comments and pictures. Plus, I am saving fuel monies just reading about your trip! Thanks!

    Had dinner with Harold and Elizabeth two nights ago, and they are doing very well!

    We miss you guys, Sue and Jim included. Please come back soon!

    Rusty and Windy (the naked German Bitch)

    • Hey Rusty, great hearing from you! Yes, definitely cheaper to read about the boat trips of others, LOL. I have been kicking myself for not emailing Jerve and Kaye, cannot find their boat card. Please tell them and Harold and Elizabeth Hi for us.

      We might just find ourselves heading that way again, by boat or car, before the year is over. You guys are all so much fun, it’s hard to stay away!

      Give Windy a hug for me, or maybe she’d prefer a belly rub? We miss you guys too!


  3. Hi Leigh & Clint, We are at Sam’s Boat Dock @ Watts Bar Lake. We will be here for about three more weeks but will leave Friday to go get our pontoon boat & will be back here Sat. afternoon. We just can’t stand to be here on this beautiful lake & not have our boat. Your trip sounds wonderful, beautiful, exciting. It would be great if you can swing by here or if we can meet you somewhere, sometime. Maybe we can get Gail & Gary here too. Looking forward to hearing from you. Mike & Patti Heimberger

    • Patti,
      We took a river trip to Watts Bar a month and a half ago, love that area! So beautiful. We have friends at Terrace View and we always have a ball visiting them all.
      We might possibly be able to meet you guys there or Blue Springs…we’d be driving, and maybe Gary and Gail can come with us or meet us there. But, busy month, so I’ll have to play it by ear. Will talk to Clint (he’s sound asleep at the moment).
      How long will you guys be up that way? Where is Sam’s Boat Dock?

  4. Hi Leigh,
    That would be great. Gary & Gail has been wanting to come this way while we are here so maybe they could come with you.. We ate at Terrace View tonight & listened to the band for a while.
    We will be here at least 2 1/2 weeks more. Sam’s Boat Dock is in Ten Mile, such a little town not too far from Spring City. We can be at Terrace View in less than 20 minutes by boat, according to George Tuell, the owner of Sam’s Boat Dock. I think we’re going to check it out tomorrow when we put our boat in the water.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.

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