Duck, Duck, Goose…Pond – Day 11

We head out early, the water is like a mirror in the cove as we pull up lines.  The fishermen are already out as we head into the river again.

he's got a small bass on the hook, about a lb. or so, good eatin'

off we go, into the wild blue yonder!

We’re headed back to Goose Pond, our last stop on our first extended trip on Barefootin’.  Once again, golf is on the agenda when we arrive.

the girls have become true river rats, they are sawing logs as we head down the Tennessee River at 27 knots

more cute cormorants - next camera purchases, a filter and zoom lens

We arrive at Goose Pond in plenty of time to tie up, get our breath and change for golf.  Jeff gives us the courtesy car keys and says keep ’em for the day.  Off for another round of golf.

1 thought on “Duck, Duck, Goose…Pond – Day 11

  1. Looks like you had a fantastic cruise, it’s really
    a great way to go. We enjoyed your humor and
    also your art work, Leigh. You’ve really covered
    a lot of territory since you’ve gotten your yacht.
    Where do you plan to cruise next? We loved the
    e-mail about your adventures. We miss you, keep in touch. Happy trails! John & Lorna

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