An H-Dock Kinda Day, Day 7

Well, sure enough, Presley, the younger river rat, has accomplished sleeping until 7 a.m. now on a regular basis.   So, you guessed it, we awoke at 7 this morning…regular ole routine; climb out of bed, hit the coffee “on” button, Clint dresses and takes the girls for their relief walk.  I prepare our coffee so Clint’s cup is ready when he comes back below.  I also have the NOAA weather report up and running on the computer, so we can discuss our options.  One thing you quickly learn when cruising is “It’s not about you, it’s about the weather.”

The sun rose without a cloud in the sky.  The weather forecast was all good. Therefore, we have a decision to make, sit on the boat or go play golf.  It’s a hard decision, but we choose golf.


Winfield Dunn Golf Course at Pickwick State Park

Do you see any golfers on this course (with the exception of the guy having fun on the golf cart)??  No, right?  Well, Clint and I went to the golf course, spent the time it takes to play 18 holes of golf.  But, NO GOLFERS showed up in our golf shoes.  It was a sad, sad day.  I am worried that the two Barefootin’ boaters have stolen the two golfers that we thought had come along for the golfing.  We can only hope the golfers are back at the farmhouse.

Since we both seemed incapable of playing golf today, we decided to do something we were both capable of doing…kiss, under the mistletoe right above our golf cart. My motto, never miss an opportunity when it presents itself!


The mistletoe above us

After leaving the golf course we take a ride over the Pickwick Dam.  I need to study up on my dams.  They are an engineering marvel for sure.


These are some homes we could see from the dam. Please take note that the owners of these homes will be some of those lucky U.S. citizens that will be paying for our healthcare soon.

We have again borrowed the courtesy car at Grand Harbor.  We stop to put some gas in the tank.

I took this photo thinking that we could all conjure up the picture of someone that this sign reminds us of…hey, I’m desperate for material today…what can I say.

Come on now, work with me here


Now tell me, who wouldn't want to go inside this door??

Before we head back to the marina and Barefootin’, we take a ride around the area.


Aqua Marina, a short boat ride or drive from Grand Harbor Marina

We have decided on Jon’s Pier for dinner tonight so I snap a pic as we pass it heading back to the marina to clean up.


Jon's Pier


Grand Harbor Marina and Condos

Rough place to stay, but hey, somebody’s gotta do it…


H Dock, our home at Grand Harbor

You all know the routine by now, we get back to the boat, walk the dogs and then, off to the showers.  (Which reminds me, we will tell you another amazing dog feat in tomorrow’s blog…don’t wanta overwhelm you with too much in one blog.)

Cleaned up, off we go, again in the courtesy car, to Jon’s Pier.


Goodness gracious, look at the size of these martinis!!

Okay, I’m gonna close, looking way, way too desperate for material now, huh?

Sweet dreams and kiss your mate!!  (don’t wait for mistletoe)

Today’s Question: How much money did Andrew Jackson have to pay to ferry his troops accross the Tennessee river (at the Natchez trace) on their way back from New Orleans?  – this question was provided by Bill and Lynne Baggett, who, at the moment, are trying to stay warm in Maine.

Barefootin’ Travel Log to Date: We have gone through 4 dams, totaling 221 feet of decent, traveled 216 miles, used 157 gal. gasoline, mileage per gallon 1.375

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