I Love Cruising! – Day 5

We woke to both dogs growling and barking at the thunder in the middle of the night.  We have a 2’x2′ window right above the bed, so after calming the girls, we lay there and watched the light show God was providing.  It wasn’t long before we were all sleeping soundly again.

When morning came, we awoke at 7 a.m. for the second morning in a row.  How can this be?  We dig under the covers and find Presley, our 11 mth. old Dachshund.  We check her for a pulse, is she alive?  Amazingly she is.  This puppy always, always wakes us up at 5-5:30 a.m.  Boat life obviously has some positive effects on animals as well as humans.

The morning was a gloomy one, raining on and off.  We walk the dogs when the rain lets up.   (…that must be a southern phrase “rain lets up,” doesn’t sound quite “proper” does it?)


A blurry Rear Admiral about to board after a walk


One interesting point to the day, while Clint is out on the swim platform, I am below, a census taker stops by.  She wants to know if we are liveaboards or have a permanent address somewhere else.  Clint informs her that we have already filled out our form, still she wants our names and address.  Maybe you’d disagree, but I found that rather eery…does she not believe Clint?  And, yikes, is this information more than just a basic head count?  (I know, I know, don’t be paranoid, Leigh…but, I find my mind drifting back in time to pre-WWII Germany for a few hours after she leaves.)


The Captain prepares to leave ship...for lunch


We do try to eat healthy, but with the rainy morning throwing off our plans to cruise, we decide we deserve a cheeseburger and fries at the lodge’s restaurant.  Great decision, they make a very good cheeseburger, and, oh yes, crinkle fries. (yes, friends, I did order mine extra well done)


Looking down on Barefootin' from the restaurant


By 2:30 the sun is shining behind thin grey clouds, it’s enough to lift the ho-hum feeling of the day.  Clint busies himself checking the engines and all that “guy-kinda-stuff” (b-o-r-i-n-g!) while the dogs saw logs below in the salon.

I will be trying to remember on today’s and future posts to give you gas mileage numbers, gas usage, and  miles per gallon.  Yes, b-o-r-i-n-g!   I figure it is only fair to write something that might actually be of interest to the males out there…an upcoming author has gotta pull in a variety of readers, right?  …I’m laughing here, tacky, but I just had a passing thought of what male readers would prefer to read about.  So sorry, maybe I need a walk and some fresh air??

Good idea…back later…

These two boys, in the photo below, are down visiting their grandparents who live in Huntsville.  They were fishing with a small hook with an earthworm, when boom, this bass hits their hook.  Clint watches them through our boat window, they are struggling with the fish in the water and, obviously, clueless as to what to do next.  Clint yells over for them to put their hand in the fish’s mouth and pull him out of the water…”Does he have teeth,” they want to know?  “No,” Clint yells back over at them.  They look flustered, I can hear Clint laughing on deck.  I yell to him from below,”Go help them!”



A catch that any fisherman would be proud of


The Rear Admiral has spoken…off goes the Captain…now he’s the boys’ hero.  He pulls the fish up, a very impressive catch!


My hero and theirs


With the hook cut out, all agree the fish should have his freedom.  The Captain tells the boys that his wife will email these photos to them if they will drop their email by the boat before they go.

And, such is why I love cruising!

Barefootin’ Boring  Operational Log To Date: 155 miles traveled (downriver), have used 111.7 gallons/gasoline, 1.39 miles per gallon

Shoo wee, that’s behind us…we all lived through that part, right?  The plan is that tonight will be rather uneventful, a light dinner, discussion and plans finalized for tomorrow’s cruise over a glass of wine.

I can tell you, that before we arrive at our next destination, Grand Harbor Marina on the Tenn-Tom, Barefootin’ will lock through at two more dams, Wheeler and Wilson.  This should produce some interesting material for tomorrow’s cruise blog. (despite the boring operational log that will, of course, also be updated and available for all our male readers)

Today’s Question: How wide is Wheeler Dam?

Share your great smile and always “Sweet Dreams!”

Below, a few extra photos from our 5th day, location: Wheeler State Park



One Watch Dog



Two Watch Dogs




Who can live without their cell phone?



3 thoughts on “I Love Cruising! – Day 5

  1. The gravity concrete structure, when originally built, was 6,335 feet long—that should equate to your width question (not accounting for shrinkage in today’s economy, I’d guess that’s still about right, unless the river moved, erosion, remodeling, additions, etc. in the ensuing decades…) See the “Tri-Cities Daily-Florence Times, invitation to industries Edition,” pg 6. , March 24, 1937,”Wheeler Dam Ready to Serve Plants. 360,000 horsepower Capacity available for industry now generators installed.”

    Love your boating blog! Hope you’re having a wonderful time.

  2. Again —- I loved hearing about your travels and experiences!!!!!!!!! Never did thank you for the different fruit cake. /We liked it. Love you two!!!!

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