If It’s Not One Thing, It’s Another…Day 3


Morning comes at Goose Pond


The above photo is one of the reasons that Clint and I love cruising (even though we are beginners for sure…I know, ask us this question in a year, right?).  For us, there is nothing like waking up to a view of one of God’s most beautiful gifts to mankind, water.   The birds making a pristine landing into the glistening water, the fish making swirls as they find their morning meal, the sun slowly lifting it’s head from beneath the horizon, it doesn’t get much better.  We add the human element of coffee and whalah, a perfect morning!


We aren't the only ones enjoying this morning on the water



So Long Goose Pond, See You On Our Return


We head out in calm waters, 28 miles to the Guntersville Dam.  I can hardly contain my excitement after yesterday’s locking through…


Watching for debris, AND the dam (damn)


Skies are still cloudy, the sun peaks through on occasion, more a tease than anything else.  The temp is rising, but moving through the water at 29 mph and the mid window cracked for a breeze, it was still chilly topside.  I’m not wearing my coat for looks.


Comorants enjoying a pier no longer useful to boaters in Guntersville



We arrive at the dreaded next damn, oops, I mean dam


Winds are calm, lake is calm, I climb to the bow, drop the fenders and we head into the lock with no problems.  Rope around the bollard, we’re set, the whistle blows and Barefootin’ begins its 37 ft. decent.


The Captain "checking" on the Rear Admiral before we start dropping



The Rear Admiral is ready for lock through


Locking through today was a breeze, I could’ve taken a nap up there it was so calm and uneventful.  I was one grateful Rear Admiral!


He's still watching, hmmmmmm...he trusts me, right??



The Rear Admiral's view looking up once we are lowered in the lock



Almost finished and ready to go



The lock doors are opening



Time to start the motors...almost...waiting for the horn to sound


We exit the lock and I put the fenders back in their holders, finish with the other “lock through” chores, walk back down the side of Barefootin’, step down and get back inside.

We move slowly away from the dam, and finally we are off again.  Next stop Decatur.  Another marina, River Walk, to explore.


We pull into River Walk Marina and tie off


We go under the U.S. 31 Bridge and take an immediate right into River Walk.  Calling the marina, we speak to Steve, the owner, and he comes over to meet us.  Nice guy and he also owns “The Hard Dock Cafe.”  Reminds us of FloraBama on Perdido Key, FL.  It opens at 3 p.m. so we will miss it this time through, but we know we will be back, by water and by land.  Our plan is to stop back by on the way back home, for dinner.  Maybe some friends will head down to Decatur and meet us there.  : )   Hint, hint.


The Hard Dock Cafe behind me...a definite must on our "To Do" list



The Louisville and Nashville Rail Bridge opens just for US!! Is that cool or what?? Interesting side note: As kids, Clint and I both rode a passenger train, the same year, over this bridge.



Be back later, Decatur! Here we come, Wheeler State Park



Well, here we are, all settled in at Wheeler State Park


Now, I’ve got to remind you, you can’t judge a book by the cover.   This was the dockage from hell…a story to be told over a drink, no, a few drinks.  (maybe a good story for our first “ho-down” at The Hard Dock Cafe on our return trip, huh?)  And, the odd part to the story is, guess what?  The Captain and the Rear Admiral were totally innocent!  Before we were so nicely docked and hooked up as you see above, we were docked four, yep, I said FOUR, other times around the marina…don’t even ask why…unless you have the time for the long version (there is NO short version) of the story.

We decided it was a martini evening after our “ordeal.”  But, the rest of the afternoon and evening turned out to be a beautiful.  Walked the dogs, ate dinner at the lodge, and relaxed until we both fell asleep.

AND, the dogs let us sleep until 7 a.m. the next morning.  Oh, my!!!!  (and people say miracles do not still happen!!!)

Today’s question:  Have YOU ever ridden on the passenger train that went over the Tennessee River in Decatur?  Tell us your story.

Sweet Dreams!

5 thoughts on “If It’s Not One Thing, It’s Another…Day 3

  1. I didn’t realize how much I would enjoy your adventure . The pictures and commentary are wonderful. Thanks for keeping us informed . Please continue to do so. Now when are you planning on being back in Decatur ? O.K. , I admit it . It’s the Hard Rock cafe / cocktails and story to be told that really has my attention.
    When Gill and I were first looking at places to possibly move , we looked in Alabama and found a fixer upper in Decatur . The fixer part was larger than the up part so we chose to continue our search. Just a little tad bit of info there.

    love ,

  2. So enjoying your stories and pictures! Keep ‘um coming. I’d love to hear the long version of the “dockage from hell.” Never have had a ride by train over the TN River in Decatur, but sometime I’ll tell you the long version of the 13 hour train ride that turned into twice that long on the trip back from Jodhpur, India to Delhi. We had a sleeper car on the train from Delhi to Jodhpur that I dubbed, “The Roach Coach.” I smacked a few until Jeremy cautioned that some people for religious reasons may be upset with me killing those horrid things. All that miserable, cold night tossing and turning in the berth I kept imagining cockroaches crawling into my hair. G

    • The short version of your India train ride is already conjuring up my memory’s “brain photos” of a Pearl Buck book I read when the kids were young. Also the story of _____ Carey, a missionary, (my mind’s filing cabinet is stuck shut at the moment) and her train ride across Mongolia and Russia. Definitely have to hear your long version next time we are together!

  3. Yes bill remembers a trip on the l&n hummingbird with ac ertain little sister. The engineer was a mr Mosley from 2 doors down in Nashville. Both of you were on your way to Montgomery from Nashville and do you remeber your mom and dad told you not to fall asleep on the way so you wouldn’t miss your stop. Bill 10 you 5. Ahhh bless!

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